Unveiled and Confident


“Unveiled and Confident”

Feeling confident is a struggle for most people.  We tend to compare ourselves with other people.  The struggle to be unveiled from feelings of low self-worth and to be confident in who you are can be a difficult task for some people.  We spend some much time covering up our flaws and minor blemishes.

Where does your confidence lie?  For many of us we may say that our confidence is found in our ability, talents, or gifts.  Maybe you are the person who has placed your confidence is in the fact that you have status and a high position, or maybe it is that you have all the material things in life.  Many people find confidence in their professional achievements and titles.  The truth is that we should not place any confidence in things or people. 

To understand true confidence we must take time to see what has been unveiled and given to us in Christ Jesus.  Our sin and disobedience is the reason why many people feel emotionally disconnected to God.  When we are in broken fellowship with God, we lose our confidence and want to run and hid.  This is what Adam and Eve did in the garden when they disobeyed God.  God is holy and we are unholy, therefore, there can be no true fellowship with the father when we are sinful.  You do not have to remain in that state any longer; God took care of that problem for us.

You can be unveiled and confident because of God’s love for us.  God sent Jesus to be our mediator between himself and humanity (Romans 5:9-10).  It was at Calvary that Jesus yielded up His spirit and veil in the temple was torn in two from the top to the bottom.  God himself tore the veil from the top to demonstrate to us everything is unveiled and we have total access to come boldly with all confidence into his presence.  There’s nothing that can separate us from his love.  Herein is where our confidence lies.  

God granted us Hope & Confidence, but we must accept it.  Are you willing to believe and enter into his holy presence?  Enter boldly into his love, joy, and peace.  Go beyond the veil and find that connection, communication, and communion with our heavenly father is available for you when you enter his holy presence (Heb. 10:23-25).

So let us draw near with a true heart full of God’s acceptance and assurance of faith.  .  No longer should we have low confidence in God’s ability to give to us all the things that he has promised us.  Do not fall back in insecurities or low confidence, but reach for your goal and purpose as you walk in your destiny unveiled and confident in Jesus.  Let nothing hinder your progress.  You can stand boldly and proclaim all sufficiency in Christ, lacking nothing.

Lay hold of your promises and hope with unwavering faith.  You have all assurance knowing that God is faithful.  Move forward in unveiled Confidence.